MMA Official 2 Certification Course Taught by Herb Dean

Classroom lecture and written testing covers all aspects of being a licensed referee including event logistics.Herb’s classroom presentation covers referee duties, safety, applying the ABC Unified Rules. Mechanics are reviewed with in the cage demonstration. Event video is presented for examples, discussion and calibration of applying the Unified Rules.


  • ABC Unified Rules
  • Ethics
  • Duties
  • Bout results
  • Event Logistics
  • In the cage demonstration of referee mechanics
  • Student demonstration of MMA techniques
  • Written, video and technique tests

Course Fee: $1300 this includes the practical day. All registration fees are paid via PayPal in USD and non-refundable.

Course Schedule: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Classroom training, lunch, mat time, written & technique tests. Course schedule is subject to change

Certification Requirements

Those seeking certification are required to physically demonstrate MMA technique.

Passing MMA Official 1 earns MMA Judge Certification

Passing MMA Official 1 and MMA Official 2 earns MMA Referee Certification