I am interested in attending a MMA Referee Camp training, where do I start?
Register for courses online. You will receive a course signup registration confirmation and study guide via email. Attend the class.

I can’t attend the training’s on the current schedule – when is the next training/when will there be a MMA Referee Camp be in my area?
Signup for the course schedule mailing list. Receive email announcements when new training’s are scheduled. Herb travels worldwide and can teach MMA Referee Camp anywhere. If you are interested in hosting a training in your area or with the local commission please send a message through the Ask Herb page.

Does MMA Referee Camp offer job placement?
No, MMA Referee Camp  offers the required ABC recognized training courses for MMA Judge & MMA Referee licensing.

What is the testing process for certification?
MMA Official 1 & 2 each have a three part test for certification:

Technique – physical demonstration of MMA technique
Written – ABC Unified Rules, and classroom lecture
Video – MMA Official 1 -Video Mock Judging, MMA Official 2 – Referee Application

Passing score for all three tests is 90%. Passing all three parts is required for certification.

What does “Those seeking certification are required to physically demonstrate MMA technique.” mean?
Those seeking certification must demonstrate their knowledge of the sport by explaining the details of MMA technique with an emphasis on position.

What is the process after passing the certification courses?
Take the MMA Referee Camp Shadow Event Official program for experience to put on your resume. Apply for license(s) in your state.

Can I take the class even if I don’t want certification?
Yes, the courses are open to everyone. Someone seeking knowledge about officiating and taking the courses for information purposes only are not required to test.

If I want MMA Referee Certification which day do I attend?
Both. Passing MMA Official 1 & 2 earns Certification for MMA Referee Training.

What is the Dean’s List?
The Official Dean’s List is a database of MMA Referee Camp graduates who have passed certification courses, demonstrated their competence in the cage through the shadowing program and worked at amateur and/or professional events.